Creekside Doxies
Where our Doxies are Family members

                         I No longer Fly puppies because of new Federal Rules                                            
            That want people to meet in person. I am however more then
       Happy to meet you at my airport for a small gas fee of $25.00
    You are then able to fly back with your new puppy for around $125.00 
            Available puppies below
                 New Arrivals are Here 
              These will be Spring Puppies



                                                                                                                                     In loving Memory of Layla 


           This is our Dunkin Thanks Amanda for such a beautiful painting                                             Butter
                        Get your family pet's painting today

                                    To order just click on the mail box below 
                                                                          to order your painting today


Just click the dog house to go to the training tip page and for a list of my kids favorite toys and where to buy them

                       We have Puppies available 

                 Puppies Listed below



             These are the Parents to the Puppies Below


                  WE Have New Puppies on the way Due In May
                  Get on a list today. Expecting Dapples, Piebalds,
               Piebald Dapples and Solids any color is possible in Lh and 
                   Smooth.  These puppies will be ready In July
                     Email  today
                             Just Click on the Mail box below

                       Please Contact Christy for the puppies below
           (864-)553-6337 or email   
                         or click below to email
                 These are the Parents to the puppies below
                 My Daughter's Puppies
           These are Spring\Summer Puppies
            These are my Daughters puppies located in Sc
 Puppies are ready May 9th Just in time for Mother's Day and Summer
  Delivery to Ohio Available for a Small Fee of $50.00














                                       these brothers are sold to Joan, see you soon !                                                                      




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